By Veronica U.-K.

As I finished packing up my dorm room, and said goodbye to the white concrete walls and hard flooring, I experienced enough emotions to create my own T-Swizzle album. Sadness, as I hugged transferring friends; anxiety, as I wondered what the summer would bring; and happiness, as I realized I could soon take a shower without slippers.

Although I’ll be 19 in a few weeks, I can’t help but think I do know a thing or two about life. So, to anyone beginning college in the fall, please read this carefully:

College is the only  minute amount of time in which we experience the fullness of the potential our life has.

I know it’s a cliche, but you will learn the most about yourself, while you’re in college. Not scared yet? You should be. You’ll see the good and bad parts of you in full form.

But it’s all okay. Know why? So will everyone else.

College is the one time in which experimenting is actually full-proof. Really you can’t do it wrong. So the first time you step onto campus, go talk to people you never would have imagined talking to in high school. Join a club that you have no idea what it is about. These experiences will only help you.

For me, I’m grateful I promised myself the first day, I wouldn’t say “no.” I said “yes” to practically everything and have not regretted a single instance of it…ok maybe signing up for 15 clubs was a bad idea, but you get the point.

So order pizza at 2am, eat copious amounts of chocolate, bring too much binder paper, and don’t touch the shower walls.

Enjoy your freshman year, because regardless of how close it is to your high school, it is a fresh start.