By Veronica U-K.

For those of you, like me, who up until last week had no idea what the app GroupMe was, it’s quite simple. The little blue chat bubble with an odd smiley face is simply an app for group messaging.

Haha I described it as simply…oh this app is anything but simple.

In addition to being able to send the normal messages, emojis, and pictures, users are able to send gifs and substantial videos. Now, as pathetic as this may sound I’m saying it regardless: Having a group chat with gifs is actually the best thing in the world. Now, before condemning me to the same category as the tumblr girls, know I had a tumblr and because of these gifs clogging my feed I had to delete the account. Back to my main point, gifs have made the conversation much more entertaining. The crazy gifs that appear in our conversations articulate our “feels” clearer than a simple “omg” or “lol.”

Besides gifs, being able to add anyone to the group message is simple. Simply download the app,  sign up via Facebook, and you’re all set to go.

Let’s not forget the ability to favorite each other’s messages…it’s almost as if the group message is a mini twitterverse. We can post whatever we want, without fears of the repercussions, because it’s only to our friends.

So if you and your friends are all separated for the summer, like my squad, download this now and get messaging. It’s helped so much with the separation anxiety.