By Veronica U-K.


For those of you who’ve yet to see the arguably best satirical musical, The Book of Mormon is a religious and comedic story of two missionaries who’s mission is to evangelize the people of Uganda. U-ganda be kidding me right? While attempting to convert the natives, the two men are plunged into a world filled with war, famine, AIDS, and a need for frogs?

Yes, the musical had me at “Hello.” After the first song, I looked at my friends I was sitting with and I could tell we all had the same idea…if this was how the religion truly was, we would all convert. Perhaps that is why there was a group of real Mormons standing outside the theatre asking if audience members would be willing to change religions.

Much of the show’s seemingly ever-lasting freshness comes from its unabashed identity, as an archetypal musical. The show is a celebration of the ridiculousness of humans to do the impossible, when put in the most extreme situations, if they “just believe” by putting their sorrows and joys into melodies of revelation.

Well, that and the incredible ability of the cast to perform at such a high level…from the beginning one can’t help but see how much the musical is not only “selling” the show, but also the religion, in such an eloquent way.

Just take a moment to examine the many dance numbers, including the tap routine in “Turn It Off.” While hilariously articulating the religion’s no-tolerance policy for homosexuals, the show reminds the audience they are still watching a musical, as any aversion such beliefs should just be crushed.

One of my favorite moments definitely had to be when Elder Price runs into the camp of the warlord and sings of how he believes the warlord is under the influence of Satan. (The link for “I Believe” is at the bottom of this article: You need to hear it to understand…or just go see the show!)

So, unless you have no sense of humor I suggest you get your tickets now and allow yourself to just believe.