Rachel Whetstone, the senior vice president of communications and public policy at google has been hired to replace David Plouffe, in the same position, at Uber.

Uber is mostly noted for its unwillingness to comply with regulations, regarding its drivers. As a user of Uber, granted always when I’m in a group, I’ve never experienced any problems, personally. Still, many worry of the app’s “loose regulations.”

The notorious app’s Plouffe will now serve as chief advisor and board member for the taxis-like company. It is expected, according to Re/code which first reported the move, that Plouffe’s focus will be more on a “big picture strategy” vs. daily operations.

Plouffe joined the Uber family last summer, after serving as President Obama’s senior advisor, and campaigner manager of the 2008 campaign. Leaving the White House in January of 2013, he served as a contributor to Bloomberg TV, before taking the job at Uber.

The job change comes less than two weeks after Uber pulled out of Kansas. The pullout resulted from the sunflower state’s new regulations, which made it “impossible” for the company to operate. Uber has also recently caused friction in areas of New Delhi, Nevada and Toronto, under Plouffe.

According to Re/code, Plouffe and Whetstone will report directly to the company’s CEO.