By Veronica U.-K.

Every now and then a song comes on that from the beginning that just makes you feel amazing. Maybe it is the tempo. Maybe it’s the melody. Maybe it’s the self-empowering lyrics. Regardless, you walk a little faster, your posture suddenly becomes a little better, and a smirk plays on your face, with the shadows from the sun that day.

For me, this song was “You’re Mine (The Chase)” by Meiko.

Meiko, is most noted for her coffeehouse relaxed harmonies and hints of indie pop. However, her distinctive alto vocals truly intoxicates listeners, with sweet acoustics of unique arrangements of pianos and guitars.

Her newest EP, Lovers and Fighters released in February of this year stays true to her classy sweetness, with lyrical, societal criticisms of love, the dynamics of relationships, and raincoats.

Give her a listen and be sure to comment below what you think! Happy Monday!