As a performer, whether acting, dancing, singing, or (and) playing an instrument, these are all expectations we’d love to have happen & everyone else assumes does–because we are that awesome.

1. Not So Easy Outfit Changes

Quick changes don’t just happen. Performers just don’t want you to think about the poking, falling, and hitting, that ocurrs backstage.

If only… change+clothes

2. Being Able to Just Perfectly Burst Into Song

This is not Glee. This is life. We can’t have a song to lip sync with all the time, so our pitch is always perfect. When I say I sing and someone says, “OMG sing something”, like no I’m not a circus animal.

t. singing


3. Being the Youngest

There will always be people who have so much more experience than you. Therefore… dance

4. Tuning

Musicians know this all too well, especially when the weather is bad…yes, string players I am speaking to you…


5. Still Forgetting Lines a Week Before the Show

Like really?


6. Trying to Not Get Food on Your Costume 

Because the costume director and dressers are always watching…


7. Not Paying Attention in Rehearsal So


8. Wanting to Eat But You’re at the Perfect Weight


9. People Ask How You are During Hell Week Making You Be Like

Zero sleep. Zero patience.


10. Strike

Oh but then it’s all over…