By Veronica U.-K.

Sometimes you’re at a party and a really great song comes on, so you pull out your phone, pull up an app that can figure out what you’re listening to. But sometimes, the app can’t identify the song or even the artist. Maybe it’s a bad wifi connection? Or maybe it’s an artist that is simply so underrated she’s not even in standard libraries of music. GJan is one of those.

Known by few, this Lithuanian singer and songwriter may be the music you need for your next party. Creating hypnotic melodies and harmonies intertwining between electronic chords. This woman is sure to bring out the partier in all guests. Though she maintains the conventional pop rhythm we all know so well, her rough vocals perpetuates the air into an electronic stream of soulful proclamations of love and life.

For fans of: Sky Ferreira, Tori Kelly, and MØ.