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By Veronica U.-K.

Let’s face it, when you get the roommate contract handed out by your overly friendly RA, you just want to get the paperwork filled out and done with. But there’s more you need to establish besides when it’s lights out, or when music can be played.

To prevent an all out explosion, here are a few addendums to add to the contract to hopefully make the year as tension-free as possible to color all the grey areas.

Dear [insert roommate’s name],

1. Know that I will try to limit the number of times I accidentally lock myself out of the room (and have to text you, while you’re in class) to three times a semester.

2. Acknowledge that this is a shared space. I will try to keep my mess on my side of the room, but if it spills over across the imaginary divide, I will clean it. (Both to avoid dirty looks from your friends, and paying a fee for the stain on the tiled floor.)

3. When you ask for my opinion, know that I will always be honest, even if it’s not what you wanted to hear. It is only my opinion, after all.

4. If you have a special someone coming over, I will let you know ahead of time so I can make plans to have evacuated the area. Thus preventing any unwanted intrusions and awkward conversations.

5. If a RA unexpectedly comes to visit, I promise to take down our illegal lights, hide the candles, the wine bottles, and the m–I think you mean the tea mix?

6. I will warn you, if possible, if there will be a human of the opposite sex in the room, when you return from your shower.

7. I promise to let you study your way, whether it be taping flashcards all around the room or watching the TV while studying, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my own.

8. Recognize your group of friends may be different from mine an that’s ok, even if they don’t get long, we still do.

9. If I start talking in my sleep and we have an actual conversation, you can’t hold me to anything said.

10. Stumbling in at 2am is perfectly acceptable, as long as you’re quiet and alone.

11. In the morning, if my alarm goes off before you, I will hit it at a maximum of twice, as to not wait you. Also, I will not make it an obnoxious blaring alarm.

12. If I order food with other people and you walk in, feel free to grab a little plate. I mean we always split the cost anyways, I got you.

13. Please invite your friends anytime you want to, just please not the one who always eats my food without asking. If he is there, just smack him.

14. If I’m sick, please leave me to die, but do make sure I don’t actually die.

15. If after one too many, I will hold your hair back, bring you water, and rub your back. (That is if you do the same for me.)

Signed, [your name]

What else would you add to the list? Comment below!