By Veronica U.-K.

Everyone who has been on Pinterest knows the appeal those Tumblr pictures have, as they depict our dream dorm room.

However, the reality of actually getting the room, as opposed to the look is much harder than one would expect. Whether it’s fire codes or concrete walls, or maybe even just the odd shape of your room, here are some DIYs that are actually super easy and perfect for every room.

1. Make Garland

When all you need is string, a needle, some pieces of fabric, or even patterned paper, what could be easier?

                   pom pom         paper garland

                   flower garland

2. Create Canvas Art.

Need I say more? Just get paint and go for it! Oh and worried about concrete walls? Just use a command hook, if the back is wide enough. If not, attach with ribbon and hang on the hook.

canvas 1   canvas 3

canvas 2canvas 4

3. Use Washi Tape.

Washi tape is amazing. It can be used on any surfaced literally comes off, with ZERO problems. So you can keep updating your room all year long!

Use it on walls. Use it on mason jars. Or even on your desk.

washi 1 washi 2 washi 3

4. Make Storage Chairs.

Though they do require a bit more effort, these chairs are the perfect touches for any extra space.

chairs for dorm

5. Create Open “Lanterns.”

Done in a few hours!

lanterns balloons

6. Hang Lights.

If you’re allowed to have them, go for it. If not, make sure they stay hidden! Shhh you didn’t hear that from me!

lights 1 lights 3     lights 2

7. Make Make Shift Headboards.

Cardboard, Fabric, Done.


8. Love Plant Life.

The hardest part about this will be taking care of the plants…unless you get really nice plastic ones.

        plant 1                     plant 2

9. Use Pictures From Home.

Pictures can easily create wall art.

                      pics 1 dorm                  pic 3 dorm

10. Make a Movie Projector.

Shoebox + magnifying glass = movie night room!

movie 1