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Music Monday

Music Monday: Lianne La Havas

By Veronica U.-K.

Sometimes a “power song” full of lyrics we don’t fully understand, and rhythms we’ve heard a million different times in common time just don’t cut it to start the week. Sometimes what we need is an artist who dares to mix alternative folk and soul to create a passionate experience of acoustic melodies smoothly intertwining classically, simplistic rhythms. Lianne La Havas voice is without a doubt: a standout piece of artwork in itself. With hushed whispers in tracks like, “Wonderful,” even Lana Del Rey couldn’t help but be jealous of the English singer/songwriter’s calming harmonies. The multi-instrumentalist was first a member of the Paris Parade with Christian Pinchbeck (a future member of Elephant). Although the act was short-lived, La Havas managed to find her way releasing Lost & Found, a four-track EP, featuring a duet with Willy Mason, in October of 2011. Only two months later, the 22-year-old, opened for Bon Iver during a North American tour. It was then that she was nominated for BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll. Is Your Love Big Enough?, La Havas’ debut album for Warner Bros., was released in the U.K. in July 2012, where it reached number five. The U.S. release through Nonesuch followed a month later and was even an iTunes “Single of the Week. The set was produced almost entirely by songwriting partner, Matt Hales (Aqualung). Gaining Prince, as a major fan, La Havas was able to contribute to the Billboard dominator’s 2014 album Art Official Age. She has also appeared on recordings by Alt-J and Tourist. Her second album, Blood, released just two weeks ago, has already earned awe-struken reviews, especially for tracks such as, “What You Won’t Do” and “Unstoppable.”


Music Monday: Marina & the Diamonds

By Veronica U.-K.

Born in Abergavenny, United Kingdom Marina Diamandis decided early on to pursue a career in music. After dropping four different music courses at four different universities, she proceeded to create her career on her own. After her first single, “Obsessions/Mowgli’s Road,” was released, The Crown Jewels EP, which contained three new songs,  including a remix of “I Am Not a Robot,” Diamandis dedicated much of her time to touring the British festival circuit and creating her debut album, Family Jewels (released in 2010).

Known for her “larger than life” voice and retro pop songs, Marina Diamandis’ new album, Froot takes a a propulsive fusion of electro-pop and new wave vibes to create a cathartic and compelling harmonies. Choosing to co-produce the album with David Kosten (Brooke Fraser, Bat for Lashes) and write all the songs herself has done nothing but create memorable electro-pop hooks demonstrative of her maturation, as an artist.


Her recent takeover of Lollapalooza 2015, pictured above, accompanied by artists like Sam Smith and Florence + The Machine shows just how her remarkable style is growing.

As an ode to finding happiness in the most unlikely places, her third album is sure to give the perfect vibe to start the week off right.

For fans of Charli XCX, Sia, Sky Ferreira, and Ellie Goulding.

Music Monday: Rachel Platten

*Image courtesy of Twitter.

By Veronica U.-K.

Recently, the Massachusetts native has gained some serious ground, with her hit “Fight Song,” which is currently holding the number 4 spot on iTunes’ TOP SONGS chart.

While finishing a degree in international relations from Trinity College in 2003, Platten  self-released a R&B album titled, Trust in Me. She obtained a record label internship, in 2005, while abroad in Trinidad. Determined to make a real career out of music, she moved to New York City a year later. During these years, she prepared her sophomore album, and seized every opportunity to perform, earning her spots at concerts for Regina Spektor, The Strokes, and Ziggy Marley. In 2009, her song, “Seven Weeks” appeared in the film The Good Guy. Favored by T.V. channel, ABC Family, her music has been featured in shows like Jane by Design and Pretty Little Liars. Released in May of this year, the four-track Fight Song EP is only a precursor to more of the singer/songwriter’s vibrant melodies and uplifting pop anthems needed to start off the week, as her third full-length album is expected to be released later this year.

For fans of Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles, and Igrid Michaelson.

Music Monday: The Naked and Famous

In the mood for a random road trip? Or more realistically, in the mood to actually start the week off positively?

Priding itself on being featured on American Televisions shows such as Gossip Girl, The Secret Circle, and Chuck, the New Zealand band is noted for synthetic, beats with crackling harmonies, creating a revitalzing spin on the definition of pop-hits. With hazy and heavier electronic textures of darker melodies, the melancholy lyrics of each album ironically celebrate the troubles of everyday life.

For fans of: MGMT & The Joy Formidable

Music Monday: GJan

By Veronica U.-K.

Sometimes you’re at a party and a really great song comes on, so you pull out your phone, pull up an app that can figure out what you’re listening to. But sometimes, the app can’t identify the song or even the artist. Maybe it’s a bad wifi connection? Or maybe it’s an artist that is simply so underrated she’s not even in standard libraries of music. GJan is one of those.

Known by few, this Lithuanian singer and songwriter may be the music you need for your next party. Creating hypnotic melodies and harmonies intertwining between electronic chords. This woman is sure to bring out the partier in all guests. Though she maintains the conventional pop rhythm we all know so well, her rough vocals perpetuates the air into an electronic stream of soulful proclamations of love and life.

For fans of: Sky Ferreira, Tori Kelly, and MØ.

Music Monday: Andrew Ripp

Every now and then, I stumble upon an artist that seems to somehow been forgotten, because they have not released a new single or album in a few years. Despite the “oldness” of the songs, the material is new to the curious listener. Andrew Ripp is one of these artists. With bold, heroic vibes radiating a sweet defiance, Ripp’s Christian faith and a classic-rock aggression seem to meet at a crossroads, each eager to combine in essence. A tender, intimate country vibe permeates folk elements, as one experiences the ambitious, quietly restless artist.

His music has been featured on The Vampire Diaries. 

For fans of Gavin Rossdale, Steve Moakler, Tyrone Wells, and Ryan Star.

Music Monday: Meiko

By Veronica U.-K.

Every now and then a song comes on that from the beginning that just makes you feel amazing. Maybe it is the tempo. Maybe it’s the melody. Maybe it’s the self-empowering lyrics. Regardless, you walk a little faster, your posture suddenly becomes a little better, and a smirk plays on your face, with the shadows from the sun that day.

For me, this song was “You’re Mine (The Chase)” by Meiko.

Meiko, is most noted for her coffeehouse relaxed harmonies and hints of indie pop. However, her distinctive alto vocals truly intoxicates listeners, with sweet acoustics of unique arrangements of pianos and guitars.

Her newest EP, Lovers and Fighters released in February of this year stays true to her classy sweetness, with lyrical, societal criticisms of love, the dynamics of relationships, and raincoats.

Give her a listen and be sure to comment below what you think! Happy Monday!

Music Monday: Zella Day

Just to help you kick off the week, why not try listening to a different artist?

By Veronica U.-K.

Recently, I’ve been rockin’ out to Zella Day’s “Hypnotic” while I work out or get ready in the morning. For those you prefer a chill, slightly edgy beat, with dreamy pop pursuits pre-order her new album Kicker. This mesmerizing beauty tends to assert an aesthetic dominance and spellbinding melodies.

For fans of: Lana del Rey, Sky Ferreira, and MS MR

Happy listening!

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