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Music Monday: Lianne La Havas

By Veronica U.-K.

Sometimes a “power song” full of lyrics we don’t fully understand, and rhythms we’ve heard a million different times in common time just don’t cut it to start the week. Sometimes what we need is an artist who dares to mix alternative folk and soul to create a passionate experience of acoustic melodies smoothly intertwining classically, simplistic rhythms. Lianne La Havas voice is without a doubt: a standout piece of artwork in itself. With hushed whispers in tracks like, “Wonderful,” even Lana Del Rey couldn’t help but be jealous of the English singer/songwriter’s calming harmonies. The multi-instrumentalist was first a member of the Paris Parade with Christian Pinchbeck (a future member of Elephant). Although the act was short-lived, La Havas managed to find her way releasing Lost & Found, a four-track EP, featuring a duet with Willy Mason, in October of 2011. Only two months later, the 22-year-old, opened for Bon Iver during a North American tour. It was then that she was nominated for BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll. Is Your Love Big Enough?, La Havas’ debut album for Warner Bros., was released in the U.K. in July 2012, where it reached number five. The U.S. release through Nonesuch followed a month later and was even an iTunes “Single of the Week. The set was produced almost entirely by songwriting partner, Matt Hales (Aqualung). Gaining Prince, as a major fan, La Havas was able to contribute to the Billboard dominator’s 2014 album Art Official Age. She has also appeared on recordings by Alt-J and Tourist. Her second album, Blood, released just two weeks ago, has already earned awe-struken reviews, especially for tracks such as, “What You Won’t Do” and “Unstoppable.”

Being on Birth Control, A – Z

By Veronica U.-K. & Mattea McDonald What does being on the pill mean?

Ask your doctor, if this method of contraception is best for you. Some women may not react well to hormonal birth control and may experience extreme side effects. But have no fear, there are many methods of birth control!

Breast tenderness or swelling–common side effects. These side effects should eventually go away once your body adjusts to the sudden hormonal change.

Clotting is a possibility. Consult your physician, as this symptom may become worse or continue.

Depression–some women can experience severe depression when starting a new hormonal birth control method. However, others may notice that their depression is alleviated or treated when the birth control is added to your daily regimen.

Effectiveness? Only 99.9% effective and only when taken exactly as directed.

Find the best fit for you! Yes, we’re speaking generically about ‘the pill’, but truthfully, there are many different types of the pill! It’s important that you discuss with your doctor any medications you’re currently taking, any health issues you’re currently dealing with, or any concerns you have with going on birth control.

Get an emergency plan in place. There’s no embarrassment for having a plan B (or maybe even, literally, Plan B). Mistakes happen, sometimes your birth control doesn’t work or the condom breaks. Protect yourself from an unintended pregnancy. If you are 17 or older, you don’t need a prescription for emergency contraception (usually called Plan B-One Step or Next Choice.

Hormones such as progesterone and estrogen work to inhibit the body’s natural cyclical hormones to prevent pregnancy.

Irregular periods? See ya! Forget worrying about when Aunt Flo is coming to town! She’ll never be a random visitor again.

Justification for using birth control? Safety. Every woman has the right to protect her body.

Keep another form of birth control on hand, as stated, it’s not a guarantee to prevent pregnancy!

Lowered libido–another common side effect. If this is a concern to you or your libido does not return to normal, contact your physician and ask if there is another form of birth control that you can try.

Mood changes–common side effect. These should even out and your mood should return to normal after the first month of taking the pill. If it doesn’t return to normal or you begin to see signs and symptoms of depression or begin to have suicidal thoughts, contact your physician immediately.

Negative pregnancy tests. (Hopefully!)

Ovulating?–not anymore!

Placebo pills will take the place of the pills, during your period.

Quit smoking. If you’re planning to start taking birth control pills, you should know the risks of smoking while on them. If you smoke while taking an oral contraceptive, you have an increased chance of developing blood clots, heart disease, and even having a stroke. Talk to your doctor about your birth control options, if you’re a smoker, as well as possible cessation options.

Refills should be called in right before or during your period to ensure you do not miss a day!

Spotting may occur, especially in the first few months. Spotting may also occur, if a pill is missed by more than 24 hours.

Time–Be sure to take it at the same time! But if you miss it, just take it ASAP, or the next one, the next time you are scheduled to.

Uteran lining is changed to prevent the attachment of the egg, along the uterine wall.

Vaginal mucus may also be thickened to prevent sperm from reaching an egg.

Weight gain–helllooo water weight!

X-out any ‘detox teas’ or ‘weight-loss teas’ as these may render your birth control useless, if it’s an oral contraceptive due to a faster flushing of your system. Using these teas may not allow the birth control hormones to absorb into your system. Ask your doctor if this is something you should be concerned with when it comes to your type of birth control.

Your new buddy, the pill, has actually been shown to reduce your chance of developing ovarian and endometrial cancers, as well as a reduced risk of developing endometriosis.

Zero protection against STD’s. Birth control pills as well as IUD’s do not provide any protection against the contraction of STD’s. Make sure you use condoms in order to keep those nasty infections away! Don’t forget to get tested regularly!

Did we miss anything? Comment below! Don’t forget to follow Mattea!

10 DIY Dorm Ideas that are Actually Easy

By Veronica U.-K.

Everyone who has been on Pinterest knows the appeal those Tumblr pictures have, as they depict our dream dorm room.

However, the reality of actually getting the room, as opposed to the look is much harder than one would expect. Whether it’s fire codes or concrete walls, or maybe even just the odd shape of your room, here are some DIYs that are actually super easy and perfect for every room.

1. Make Garland

When all you need is string, a needle, some pieces of fabric, or even patterned paper, what could be easier?

                   pom pom         paper garland

                   flower garland

2. Create Canvas Art.

Need I say more? Just get paint and go for it! Oh and worried about concrete walls? Just use a command hook, if the back is wide enough. If not, attach with ribbon and hang on the hook.

canvas 1   canvas 3

canvas 2canvas 4

3. Use Washi Tape.

Washi tape is amazing. It can be used on any surfaced literally comes off, with ZERO problems. So you can keep updating your room all year long!

Use it on walls. Use it on mason jars. Or even on your desk.

washi 1 washi 2 washi 3

4. Make Storage Chairs.

Though they do require a bit more effort, these chairs are the perfect touches for any extra space.

chairs for dorm

5. Create Open “Lanterns.”

Done in a few hours!

lanterns balloons

6. Hang Lights.

If you’re allowed to have them, go for it. If not, make sure they stay hidden! Shhh you didn’t hear that from me!

lights 1 lights 3     lights 2

7. Make Make Shift Headboards.

Cardboard, Fabric, Done.


8. Love Plant Life.

The hardest part about this will be taking care of the plants…unless you get really nice plastic ones.

        plant 1                     plant 2

9. Use Pictures From Home.

Pictures can easily create wall art.

                      pics 1 dorm                  pic 3 dorm

10. Make a Movie Projector.

Shoebox + magnifying glass = movie night room!

movie 1

Music Monday: Marina & the Diamonds

By Veronica U.-K.

Born in Abergavenny, United Kingdom Marina Diamandis decided early on to pursue a career in music. After dropping four different music courses at four different universities, she proceeded to create her career on her own. After her first single, “Obsessions/Mowgli’s Road,” was released, The Crown Jewels EP, which contained three new songs,  including a remix of “I Am Not a Robot,” Diamandis dedicated much of her time to touring the British festival circuit and creating her debut album, Family Jewels (released in 2010).

Known for her “larger than life” voice and retro pop songs, Marina Diamandis’ new album, Froot takes a a propulsive fusion of electro-pop and new wave vibes to create a cathartic and compelling harmonies. Choosing to co-produce the album with David Kosten (Brooke Fraser, Bat for Lashes) and write all the songs herself has done nothing but create memorable electro-pop hooks demonstrative of her maturation, as an artist.


Her recent takeover of Lollapalooza 2015, pictured above, accompanied by artists like Sam Smith and Florence + The Machine shows just how her remarkable style is growing.

As an ode to finding happiness in the most unlikely places, her third album is sure to give the perfect vibe to start the week off right.

For fans of Charli XCX, Sia, Sky Ferreira, and Ellie Goulding.

Clarification: Sadness is Not Depression

By Veronica U.-K.

For my 50th post, I wanted to do something different. I want to discuss something that is very prevalent in my generation–an area that despite the great amount of publicity it receives is still overlooked and misunderstood.

It is often believed that when a person is sad, they are deeply depressed. Despair, depression, grief…these are all the same things right?

While working on my novel, one of the characters experiences a great period of loneliness–isolation. In thinking of how to present her, I couldn’t help but wonder how to allow her sadness progress, without becoming stagnant. Then it occurred to me that sadness and depression are two different experiences.

Sadness is when emotions are let out. You cry. You scream. You truly grieve, but then you move on. Sadness is an experience of incredible emotion.

Depression is when you are immobile, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Your brain refuses to deal with the real problem and you just shut down. You simply can’t feel anything. So you eat, drink, make other people’s problems your own, watch marathons on Netflix (without actually watching)–anything that allows you to detach from the reality that you are ignoring.You don’t truly experience emotion.

The truth is this roadblock isn’t something any amount of therapy or meds can get you out of. It is a hole you have to pull yourself out of. When you recognize the reality of the life you are living, you will find all the walls are actually stairs. You just couldn’t see them before, because you focused on their sharp corners you kept hitting your head on.

But when you do pull yourself out, you will realize three things:

– “Going back” is not an option. Nothing exists the way it did before.

– Comparing yourself to others will not change the reality of the situation.

– Regardless of how much pain and loneliness are experienced, it will never go away if  they are not acknowledge and allowed to be processed the way they need to be. Just like a package from UPS, without correct processing they’ll never get to the little corner of the street, where they live. Instead they will be spread all around the neighborhood.

So what comes next? Several things must happen:

-Give yourself a lot of extra attention. Not the way you have before, with self-pity. But with self-love.

-Take care of yourself. Avoid anything that will make you unconsciously detach–alcohol, unnecessary drugs etc. You need to feel emotion. When you let it all back in, it’ll hurt, but then you can love.

-Do NOT make any major decisions like moving, changing jobs, ending/starting relationships. Your judgement could be foggy when you are processing these emotions, so go slow and stay focused on the you you have, in front of you.

-Write. Journaling can help you move forward, as well as what is going right, in your life.

-Talk to someone you don’t have a close connection to. Though it is important to share your feelings with people who care about you, speaking with someone who can be objective will definitely provide you with clarity. A mentor, a health coach, a therapist are all great options.  Just let everyone know you need some “you” time and that should be respected and honored. When you’re ready, you’ll share with them.

Don’t be afraid to feel. Your body–your heart will be lighter; your head will be stronger.

Music Monday: Rachel Platten

*Image courtesy of Twitter.

By Veronica U.-K.

Recently, the Massachusetts native has gained some serious ground, with her hit “Fight Song,” which is currently holding the number 4 spot on iTunes’ TOP SONGS chart.

While finishing a degree in international relations from Trinity College in 2003, Platten  self-released a R&B album titled, Trust in Me. She obtained a record label internship, in 2005, while abroad in Trinidad. Determined to make a real career out of music, she moved to New York City a year later. During these years, she prepared her sophomore album, and seized every opportunity to perform, earning her spots at concerts for Regina Spektor, The Strokes, and Ziggy Marley. In 2009, her song, “Seven Weeks” appeared in the film The Good Guy. Favored by T.V. channel, ABC Family, her music has been featured in shows like Jane by Design and Pretty Little Liars. Released in May of this year, the four-track Fight Song EP is only a precursor to more of the singer/songwriter’s vibrant melodies and uplifting pop anthems needed to start off the week, as her third full-length album is expected to be released later this year.

For fans of Regina Spektor, Sara Bareilles, and Igrid Michaelson.

15 #Relatable Things that Need to Be in Your Roommate Contract

Image via

By Veronica U.-K.

Let’s face it, when you get the roommate contract handed out by your overly friendly RA, you just want to get the paperwork filled out and done with. But there’s more you need to establish besides when it’s lights out, or when music can be played.

To prevent an all out explosion, here are a few addendums to add to the contract to hopefully make the year as tension-free as possible to color all the grey areas.

Dear [insert roommate’s name],

1. Know that I will try to limit the number of times I accidentally lock myself out of the room (and have to text you, while you’re in class) to three times a semester.

2. Acknowledge that this is a shared space. I will try to keep my mess on my side of the room, but if it spills over across the imaginary divide, I will clean it. (Both to avoid dirty looks from your friends, and paying a fee for the stain on the tiled floor.)

3. When you ask for my opinion, know that I will always be honest, even if it’s not what you wanted to hear. It is only my opinion, after all.

4. If you have a special someone coming over, I will let you know ahead of time so I can make plans to have evacuated the area. Thus preventing any unwanted intrusions and awkward conversations.

5. If a RA unexpectedly comes to visit, I promise to take down our illegal lights, hide the candles, the wine bottles, and the m–I think you mean the tea mix?

6. I will warn you, if possible, if there will be a human of the opposite sex in the room, when you return from your shower.

7. I promise to let you study your way, whether it be taping flashcards all around the room or watching the TV while studying, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my own.

8. Recognize your group of friends may be different from mine an that’s ok, even if they don’t get long, we still do.

9. If I start talking in my sleep and we have an actual conversation, you can’t hold me to anything said.

10. Stumbling in at 2am is perfectly acceptable, as long as you’re quiet and alone.

11. In the morning, if my alarm goes off before you, I will hit it at a maximum of twice, as to not wait you. Also, I will not make it an obnoxious blaring alarm.

12. If I order food with other people and you walk in, feel free to grab a little plate. I mean we always split the cost anyways, I got you.

13. Please invite your friends anytime you want to, just please not the one who always eats my food without asking. If he is there, just smack him.

14. If I’m sick, please leave me to die, but do make sure I don’t actually die.

15. If after one too many, I will hold your hair back, bring you water, and rub your back. (That is if you do the same for me.)

Signed, [your name]

What else would you add to the list? Comment below!

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